Visual Story Sequencing Software

Help special needs students learn to sequence story events and tell stories.

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Guidebook of Objectives and Activities for Language (GOALS)

This book is a valuable resource for writing IEP goals and objectives for students with communication disorders and other special learning needs.

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Speech - Language Pathology
Books and Sources of Information

This site includes information about publications, resources, and organizations
designed to help individuals with communication disorders and other special needs.


Speech Therapy Books and Materials

Special Education Resources

Practical speech and language therapy books and software for special learners

Academic Communication Associates Website - The ACA website features hundreds of practical speech and language therapy books, learning games, picture cards, software prooducts, and other resources. Products for attention deficits, developmental language delays, reading disabilities, augmentative communication. and hearing impairments are among those included. Prices are considerably lower than those charged in bookstores.  Reproducible articles are included on the website. 

American-Speech-Language Hearing Association   

ASHA, the national association for speech-language pathologists and audiologists publishes journals and books relating to communication Disorders


Bilingual Resources for Special Learners

Educators face many challenges in their efforts to serve culturally and linguistically diverse students with special learning needs. Here are some useful books and  sources of information.

Bilingual Special Education Resource Network - Provides training and assistance to individuals who provide services for bilingual special education students.

Resources for Bilingual Special Learners - Resources are available on this website for educating  special needs students who speak English, Spanish, and other languages. Assessment and intervention tools for communication disorders are included

Internet Picture Dictionary - Easy to use picture dictionaries are included in a variety of languages. Use these dictionaries to help students develop basic vocabulary. This site iis great for creating basic language activities.


Journals and Information Sources

ASHA Leader

This online news resources is published by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and contains information about speech, language, and hearing disorders

ACA Special Education News

The ACA Special Education News include reproducible articles relating to communicaton disorders, multicultral issues in special education, learning disabilities, and other areas.

Brain and Spinal Cord

This online source provides useful information for individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and is especially valuable for those who have augmentative communication needs.


Special Education Associations and Organizations

The organizations below are excellent sources of information about  various types of disabilities that affect communication, learning, or functioning in social situations.

American-Speech-Language Hearing Association   

ASHA, the national association for speech-language pathologists and audiologists, publishes journals and engages in activities designed to advance knowledge of information relating to intervention with children and adults who have speech, language, and/or hearing problems. .

American Academy of Audiology 

Autism Society of America

Center for the Study of Autism

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)

Closing the Gap
This organization provide information and professional conferences related to the assistive technology needs of individuals who require alternative modes of communication.

Council for Exceptional Children

International Reading Association

National Aphasia Association

National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders

Stuttering Foundation of America